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Our mission

Witness Projects is the umbrella project of solution-oriented Podcasts that aim to tackle different issues experienced by minorities in Norway, from discrimination, to domestic violence and other forms of abuse. 

This project is the result of a collaboration between Humans for HumansCaritas Norge, and The Oslo Desk. The three organisations intervene in different areas of supporting migrants and other minorities in Norway, and together they aim to tackle these issues in a policy level, together with other service providers in the country. We are Sara, Inas and Ka Man. Welcome to our community!

Who we are
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Violence in close relationships


This project targets women who are going through a domestic violence situation, professionals working with them in different areas of intervention and the entities responsible for policy making and dissemination of information.

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They Witness is a solution-oriented podcast that invites dialogue to create concrete small steps of tackling discrimination in Norwegian society experienced by different minorities and vulnerable groups.

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