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She Witness

The rising issue of violence in close relationships has brought us together to fight this crime from different angles.


Having an interdisciplinary approach to the issue of violence in close relationships allows us to raise the voice of victims in society in terms of their meeting with public services in Norway, and drive for change to improve policies and access to services.


As a gender-based issue, violence in close relationships affects minorities the most, so we are making our services free and accessible for anyone who needs it.


We will also be writing a series of investigative reports and whitepaper with stakeholders in order to find new additional services and solutions so that we can create a larger impact to change policies, and safeguard survivors’ best chance to cope with their difficult situation and where they can live their lives with dignity and a better future. 


  1. Raise awareness about violence and abuse, with podcast episodes covering topics relevant to the main theme.

  2. Get to know and showcase the support and assistance services being provided to victims of violence in Norway, considering the cultural appropriation, language and duration of the support.

  3. Give a voice to the victims and survivors, to raise awareness of these dangerous situations in Norway.

  4. Create opportunities to discuss the struggles faced by the organisations providing support, share good practices and plan better interventions, as well as identify what is missing.

  5. Understand the impact of violence and abuse in its victims’ lives and mental health.

  6. Create collaborations with different entities in Norway to develop the best possible care for all victims of violence, change policies and develop more inclusive services.

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